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Reimagining sensitivity pain relief.

The first true scientific innovation in toothpaste ingredients in decades.

Sensi-IP® was designed to relieve tooth sensitivity by providing mechanical occlusion of the dentin tubules. When exposed to water, Sensi-IP degrades releasing calcium ions, promoting the precipitation of apatite mineral phases. Testing shows this relieves dentin hypersensitivity in humans.


Sensi-IP is the first scientific innovation in toothpaste in decades. It’s not an evolution. It’s a revolution.”

Dr. Andrew Kurban D.D.S.

Dentist, retired Professor at Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Boston University School of Dental Medicine.


During clinical testing, brushing with a formulated toothpaste containing Sensi-IP® for 14 days resulted in statistically significant pain relief compared to fluoride toothpaste. 

Differences were seen as early as post-brushing and appeared to increase over the 14-day test period.

Sensi-IP's materials can be tailored to degrade back into its constituent elements to prevent the buildup of non-native materials in the mouth.


Sensi-IP can power a toothpaste for anyone

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Sensi-IP’s unique chemistry and claim set are designed to work with a variety of toothpaste formulations, where it can augment the approved claims associated with common fluoride toothpaste products.


Sensi-IP's first clinical study demonstrated that twice-daily brushing with a formulated toothpaste containing Sensi-IP and sodium fluoride significantly improves dentinal hypersensitivity when compared to brushing with a sodium fluoride toothpaste.


Recent clinical trial shows that Sensi-IP is safe and effective in relieving sensitivity in the patients we tested. In some cases, after only one day of brushing.

Independently validated

Sensi-IP has also been independently validated by industry-leading in vitro (lab-based) researchers as blocking tubules faster and better than a number of leading competitive products we have tested against.

Tubule blockage

Extensive independent lab-based testing shows substantial blockage of the pathways to the nerve within minutes of brushing.

Added blockage with each use

With regular daily use, the tubules continue to fill with each brushing. Independent tests see near total blockage within five days of simulated brushing in vitro.

Designed to relieve pain between brushings

Sensi-IP is shown in vitro to occlude dentin tubules from within, protecting it from brushing.

Impressive results – in people’s  mouths and in the lab

A recent clinical trial shows that Sensi-IP is safe and effective in relieving sensitivity. In some cases, within less than a day of first brushing.


Independent in vitro (lab) research demonstrates that Sensi-IP blocks the tubules which lead to the nerves within minutes, and more completely, than leading products we tested against. Repeated tests show full blockage of the tubules within 5 days.

In a survey of more than 4,000 American sensitivity toothpaste users, 66% said they’d pay more and switch brands for a toothpaste WITH SUPERIOR claims.

The science behind Sensi-IP's effectiveness 

You experience tooth sensitivity pain when the tubules that lead to the nerves in your teeth are exposed. Current sensitivity toothpastes try to prevent pain mostly by covering these tubules on the tooth’s surface. The secret to Sensi-IP’s effectiveness is the way it is APPROPRIATELY-SIZED to fill the exposed tubules.

More openings, more pain

Sensi-IP completely blocks the path to the nerves in your teeth within 5 days. 

Pain scale

1 = Complete pain blockage

5 = No pain blockage

Open tubules.PNG

Photo showing tubules completely open


Sensi-IP score - 1.7

Nearly complete blockage after one day!


NovaMin score - 4.0


Sensodyne Repair and Protect with Novamin®

Arginine score - 4.4


Colgate Pro Relief with Arginine

Sensi-IP Toothpaste - Trial formulation

Competitive products almost completely open, with little improvement over 5 days. 

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